Benefits of taking summer classes

In a student’s world, summer break is the ultimate gift. After a long year of taking classes, it’s  time to celebrate  accomplishments and can give you a chance to find relaxation and recharge the batteries. On the flip side of the coi, you can  use summer to take courses. Now, why would you want to give up summer vacation to take more classes? Here are the benefits to taking summer courses.


Usually, students spend their first two years of college taking general courses before they start taking the big classes for their majors. Get ahead early by taking summer courses to expedite the general courses. By taking summer courses, you’ll be taking on less course loads for each semester that follows.  Another bonus? These courses are usually taught at an accelerated rate, making it highly efficient.

After taking summer classes, I had 10 units per semester starting spring semester of sophomore year until my senior year. This allowed me more freedom and free time in my schedule for socializing, working, and studying.


The transition from vacation mode to student mode after summer break is jarring. Allowing yourself to stay academically consistent puts you in a position to tackle the new school year with ease. Knowing that you can knock off the general courses now and that you  don’t have to take them during the regular semester is motivational enough. Imagine taking your major courses early on and not having a massive course load for the rest of the school year. Your fellow classmates would be jealous. I certainly liked knowing I was done with classes by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays.With the pandemic still raging the globe, not much of a summer can be had. So, why not use this time to take online summer courses. Put the time in now, so you’ll have all the time later.

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