An Extrovert’s perspective on quarantine

For this week’s blog, we are going to slightly step aside from our usual school and moving related topics, and dive into an extrovert’s perspective on quarantine.

The short story? It’s been incredibly tough. As a person who draws immense energy from being around other people, the extreme lack of social interaction is making me feel like a withering flower. Balance is key, and although I’ve done plenty of things to keep my mind stimulated, the socially starved side keeps knocking at the door. I’m sure this struggle sounds familiar to all the extroverts out there just like me – those who thrive most when around others. You can ignore the constant knocking  all you want, but eventually, the noise will get to you.

Even when I’m in a social setting, conversations are so stale because everyone’s relatively doing the same thing; staying at home to the point of absolute boredom, binge watching everything on Netflix, only going out for essentials, finishing home projects, etc.

While I dislike the notion of being isolated, the one  thing that truly keeps me from  teetering over the edge is the mere fact I still have my health. This pandemic may have gotten this social butterfly grounded, but I will be flying in the sky soon enough. Stay healthy and safe out there everyone!

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