College orientation during the pandemic

At this point,  the idea of returning to normal might sound like a far away dream, but we have to keep moving forward – no matter what. The pandemic hit heavy during spring semester 2020 and the changes came fast and hard. Students had to leave or stay away from campus, and resumed learning online. As the battle rages on to find a vaccine for COVID-19, society is still placed under restricted guidelines, one of which  affects upcoming summer orientation.

For incoming Freshmen, orientation is one of those events that jolts the senses. It’s the first foray to see campus up close, meet new people, and basically see  everything your college has to offer. COVID-19 has changed that drastically by moving orientation sessions to a virtual environment. For campuses that still offer in-person orientation, students and faculty are placed under strict health and safety guidelines.

As we haven’t experienced this ourselves yet, it’s tough to provide set expectations going into this unique summer session situation.So, your best bet is to read any and all of the fine details your college has written down regarding summer orientation. Try to absorb it all like a sponge. We understand it’s not the same as having the orientation in-person, but familiarizing yourself with this new normal  will help you better prepare for the fall semester.

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