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College orientation during the pandemic

At this point,  the idea of returning to normal might sound like a far away dream, but we have to keep moving forward – no matter what. The pandemic hit heavy during spring semester 2020 and the changes came fast and hard. Students had to leave or stay away from campus, and resumed learning online.

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Zoom backgrounds to customize your calls

Zoom has become our new virtual home due to lockdown, so we’ve decided to share a few of our favorite backgrounds to inspire your next festive wallpaper. To change your virtual background, head to “preferences,” and then click on “Virtual Background” on the left panel. .” From here, find and click on the plus sign.

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Why being home from college for summer is wonderful

Stuck at home with no travel plans? It’s not all terrible. Here’s why being home from college for summer is wonderful. No more eating ramen all day, everyday. Don’t have to worry about your roommate or anyone else eating your food from the fridge. Can actually go to a decent restaurant instead of going to

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