Understanding Dorm Room Movers’ “Featured Dates” vs. “On-Demand Dates”

End of semester move outs are inching closer every day.  If you’ve begun making preparations and your plan involves using Dorm Room Movers, you’ll notice that we offer two distinct types of pick up dates. The two options we provide are referred to as “Featured Dates” and “On-Demand Dates.”

“Featured Dates” are fairly self explanatory. As noted in the name itself, these are the dates that have been selected to be featured by Dorm Room Movers. Featured dates are chosen purposefully and are specifically designed to be the most optimal pick up dates for students. On top of that, these dates are also free of charge!  

Behind the scenes, Dorm Room Movers’ logistics teams have been busy coordinating with Residence Life and movers to determine the best  move out dates for your school. While this does require some immense negotiating on our end, we find the work to be more than rewarding, as it allows us to service you best.  

“On-Demand Dates” are the dates that we offer for those students whose move schedule may not align with Dorm Room Movers’ “Featured Dates.” As indicated by the name, there is an additional cost associated with any On-Demand date. This is  due to the extra coordination that is required in order to secure these types of dates. The cost of On-Demand Dates varies based on the specific calendar date that is chosen, so be sure to check with a Dorm Room Movers associate to confirm availability and pricing if you are in need of an On-Demand Date. Please note that these dates do require approval, so we highly recommend selecting your date sooner than later.

We know you’re knee-deep in studying for finals, so we want to wish you all good luck out there. Remember, if you need any assistance with your Summer Storage, we’re more than happy  to help. Stay healthy and safe out there everyone!

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