Preparing for the Final Stretch of Spring Semester

Welcome back! We hope everyone’s spring break was fantastic and left you all feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We’re now into the final stretch of the semester, which means one more exam, then finals. 

The final stretch of spring semester will come fast with preparing to move out, studying for 

finals, finishing projects, writing essays, etc. Try not to let it all sneak up on you at once or let yourself become too overwhelmed by being totally unprepared! The one thing that gets overlooked and often ends up left to the last minute (mostly because it’s towards the end of the semester) is getting ready for move outs. 

We suggest you slowly and systematically start packing. Basically, non-essential items should get packed first. Things like photos, decorations and winter clothes (maybe leave a spare sweater or hoodie out in case you get cold before the semester ends). We get your dorm room has little to no space to hold boxes, but it’d still be best to come up with a plan in advance so you’re not left scrambling at the end. 

What we’ve seen and experienced time and time again are students struggling to find boxes. Not to shamelessly plug ourselves in, but Dorm Room Movers can easily alleviate that issue. How does DRM do that, you might ask? Well, it’s because we send a complimentary supply kit containing five boxes and tape when you register with our service. 

We also feature FREE pickup dates that align with your campus move out schedule. When you register with us, you can select the date you’d like our movers to come pick up your stuff. Even if you don’t know that info now, you can always go back into your account to update that when you’re ready. By registering ahead of time, you’ll have the option of getting those boxes sent to you and you will be one step closer to your move out.

While summer vacation is surely tempting you to come hang out, do your very best to stay focused and finish the semester strong. You got this!

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