Staying on Campus for Thanksgiving Weekend

There are a few reasons why someone might be staying on campus for Thanksgiving Weekend. Perhaps you’re a Resident Assistant volunteering to stay in the residence halls, or you’re an international student. Who knows, maybe  you’re staying on campus because of unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. Whatever your reason for staying on campus might be, just remember – all hope is not lost! Here’s a list of ways to keep yourself busy if you’re staying on campus this Thanksgiving.

  • Catch up or get ahead on some homework assignments. 
  • Light study – From experience, it’s nearly impossible to have a long study session over a holiday break. Keep it light – just re-read  some notes to refresh and familiarize yourself with said subject.
  • Plan a Friendsgiving with other students that stayed on campus, or try to be invited to one. 
  • Binge-watch shows you haven’t seen before. No, you cannot watch Friends for the millionth time! 
  • Explore parts of campus you haven’t seen yet. 
  • Talk to your Resident Assistant.
  • Light packing / prep – If you truly want to get ahead, you can begin some light packing for your return home for winter break (use Dorm Room Movers, hint, wink wink)
  • Volunteer work. I’ve done food drives in the local area. Helping others is an immensely kind, selfless and fulfilling thing to do.

We know it’s not an ideal situation, but you can set the tone to have yourself a great Thanksgiving weekend. Whatever you do and however you spend it, the choice is yours. Reflect on everything you’ve done over the course of the semester and give yourself a pat on the back. Thank yourself for being resilient. It is the holiday of giving thanks and being thankful, after all.

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