The Tail End of Fall Semester

Now that you’ve made it to the tail end of your first semester in college, congratulations are in order! All in all, it wasn’t so bad, right? At this point in time, there are two major events that are just around the corner  – Thanksgiving and finals. 

Leading up to Thanksgiving, we know that every student’s  mind is preoccupied with getting home, which can be quite distracting and time-consuming. This is bound to make anyone who has exams prior to Turkey Day feel less than motivated to study, let alone go to class. 

There will be some students who will be unable to go home, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be celebrating  Thanksgiving in their own way. They might have a “Friendsgiving” celebration, or they may be invited to spend Thanksgiving at a friend’s family home.

Some students will  take advantage of the opportunity of extra time that Thanksgiving offers and will choose to spend that time  catching up on some work or getting ahead by putting their notes together for Finals Week. 

We’ll touch base on Finals Week in another blog to come, but we encourage you to remember – every positive and negative statement that you’ve heard about Finals Week is true. In the meantime, stay strong and remain motivated. You’re almost at the finish line!

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