4 Insanely Useful College Tools

As the end of the semester looms and your tasks pile up, your time’s running out. If you haven’t already mastered the art of being organized and prepared, we’ve got you covered with 4 essential tools to close out this semester and start the next like a master.

While selecting the these tools we found what works by using the best of old school and new tech.

First tool to grab today: Tools4Wisdom 2019-2020 Daily Weekly Monthly Academic Planner. Why this planner specifically? Well as one Amazon reviewer sums it up “Wow… just WOW!” This isn’t your ordinary planner. Aside from ample space for notes, this planner allows you various ways to plan your ever growing list of things-to-do. Check it out here!

Let’s move on our second old school approach and five star product for getting organized: Post-it Study Flags. Sometimes the best answer is simplicity. These sticky little helpers are simple, straightforward Post-It style notes that have only 3 messages displayed in bright, attention-grabbing colors: On Test, Study and To Do. As you’re studying or reviewing tasks just add these stickers and never miss an important note or topic again. Check them out here!

For those of you more technology engaged you need to go no further than this speedy, minimalist app – Studious. You get started by doing the simple task of adding your subjects. That’s it. After that you can manage your timetable, exams and homework as needed. With Studious in your arsenal you’ll be ontime for classes, ahead of time with homework and prepared for tests. Available for Android and iOS.

Let’s move into a bit more tech-nerdy world but super easy to implement tool. This will be one of those apps that you’ll be thankful for every day as well as boring your friends with stories of its coolness. IFTTT. This simple app allows you to automate many parts of your daily life and routine, leaving you more prepared for each day.  IFTTT stands for If This Then That, an old programming reference that basically means if this thing happens then do this other thing.

Here’s some examples: You go to bed and forget to mute your phone, you’re rushing around in the morning and you forget to turn your phone volume back up, or now you show up in class and forget to turn your phone to back to mute. After you fix all that you step out of class and it’s unexpectedly raining. These examples can be a thing of the past and automated with IFTTT.

Simply setup an IFTTT trigger that will mute your phone at a specified time, then set the volume to 80% at a different time. You can even set by location. So you can set a trigger to mute your phone when you get inside your classroom. How about mastering the weather? Setup to receive a notification on your phone when certain weather conditions will be met, such as rain tomorrow, temperature exceeding 90 degrees or most anything. Once you set up these simple triggers, you never have to touch it again and these routines and notifications just happen! Available for Android and iOS.

Get organized now and set a reminder to thank us later.

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