How to refocus after spring break

Now that spring break 2019 has come and gone, it’s time to re-focus on that study game.

Stay Objective:

It is important to be objective with your goals. Sometimes, the to-do list can get so long we don’t know where to begin. Focusing on a more realistic, attainable win will serve you better than striving for perfection.

Stay Prioritized:

What areas in your studies do you need to focus on? What are the parts of the subject you’re studying that you are NOT understanding? Focus on that first. While it may seem intuitive to rely on or prioritize what you know, it’s important for you to clarify the areas you are most confused about so you can lay a better foundation for your study sessions.

Stay Strong:

If you have a vision, great – go for it! Motivation is key to success. Just remember – it is imperative that you pace yourself and prioritize your mental and physical health above all else.

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