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The Must Have Back to College Apps

Getting ready to head back to school or preparing for your first semester at college? Need some help? Well, there’s an app for that. First off, make sure your wifi’s connected for some app downloading!  Before all the classes and studying (you know, all the real stuff you’re at college for) creeps up on you,

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4 Insanely Useful College Tools

As the end of the semester looms and your tasks pile up, your time’s running out. If you haven’t already mastered the art of being organized and prepared, we’ve got you covered with 4 essential tools to close out this semester and start the next like a master. While selecting the these tools we found

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Apps to use for spring break traveling

Now that Spring break has sprung, it’s traveling time. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite apps to use when traveling during your academic hiatus. The best part is, they are all free to download! Hopper for how to get there: There are a ton of apps for helping you find a flight, but

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