BinStored at Oberlin College Joins Dorm Room Movers

After 4 successful years of serving the students of Oberlin College as the preferred storage provider, BinStored is transitioning it’s operations to Dorm Room Movers. The changes will bring new enhancements to the already incredibly convenient services provided at Oberlin College. Among those improvements are full service in-room pickups and deliveries on and around campus as well as climate protected storage. In addition, Oberlin students will now be able to store large items such as futons and mini fridges.

The transition is effective immediately with Dorm Room Movers carrying on as the preferred provider for full service storage at Oberlin College.

Dorm Room Movers has served this market since 2016 and combining forces with BinStored will only continue to improve the services to benefit the students.

Dean Ginsberg
Founder BinStored
Oberlin College Alumni

Leor Lapid
CEO & Founder
Dorm Room Movers

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