Family Lineage From the perspective of Barry the Box

Hi! My name is Barry the Box and I come from a long line of boxes. My family and I work with Dorm Room Movers to protect your possessions with the greatest care possible.

My kind are able to hold a wide variety of stuff for transport and storage. unlike Minions, we come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, and colors. We are everywhere – from the bathroom, to the kitchen. You can even find us outside in the street proudly wearing fast food logos for advertisement.

My ancestors have been around since the rise of the Han Dynasty (1st century China), where we were made from treated mulberry bark and used to wrap and preserve foods. Our first mention in modern times was in a 17th century English printing manual.

Coincidentally, my ancestors enjoyed their first population boom when we were mass produced in England by an industrialist named Sir Malcom Thornhill as well as in Germany by a popular strategy board game called “The Game of Besieging” in 1817.

Around 1850, Kellog’s discovered that my old relatives were a great solution for their need to market to the masses and began using us for their cereal products .

In 1856, my gene pool received a huge improvement with the addition of corrugation with the help of English hatmakers Edward Allen and Ed Healey. They wanted a box that would keep the shape of the hat while adding a layer of warmth and give. To make Corrugated paper, they attached unbleached wood fibers with a fluted sheet to one or two linear boards.

Our biggest mutation came by accident. In 1879, there was a pressman at Robert Gair’s paper bag factory in Brooklyn who did not notice that the press rule was set too high on the pressing machine, causing the machine to cut through thousands of small seed bags instead of just creasing them.

While assessing the situation, Gair realized that if sharp cutting blades were set a bit higher above the creasing blades, then the creasing and cutting could happen on the press simultaneously. With this new process, he was able to complete in 2 ½ hours what used to take an entire day.

By the early 20th century, my great-great-great grandparents had replaced wooden crates and boxes as the primary medium for storing and shipping products and goods. Recent efforts have incorporated environmentally responsible ingredients and contents.

Today, we are disposal safe and biodegradable with no toxic constituents. We provide our services for over 90% of all products in the USA. By the end of 2009, 7 million tons of my cardboard relatives were produced in the UK alone.

Dorm Room Movers™ boxes are made with 100% recycled materials. This means I am made up of my ancestors (who have been boxes more than a few times before) and am very experienced with keeping your possessions safe and sound while you are away. You can rest easy knowing that your stuff is protected by quality boxes like me.