Movin on up

2017 marks a significant year in the history of Dorm Room Movers, our tenth anniversary is coming up this summer. A lot has changed over the years in pretty much every aspect of the company. As we’ve grown from 2 campuses to over 150,  we’ve invested a ton into the systems that enable thousands of moves across the nation in a span of just a couple weeks. We are also proud that all of our moves are completed by professional movers, which has come a long way from our first year (see photo below)! One thing that we’ve been extremely proud of is that our storage pricing has been the same since we started.

Matt Moving
Matt in our early days –
notice how he’s not carrying anything heavy 😀


While inflation in in the US over the last 10 years has been nearly 20% (19.64% to be exact), we’ve kept our signature box storage price the same!

This year we’ve reached the limit where we need to increase our prices ever so slightly (between $2-$4 per tier) to maintain excellent service with our rising costs. You’ll be able to lock in the previous pricing for this upcoming season if you register for storage by 11:59 February 14th 2017.  Additionally, we’re offering 20% off storage until the end of February 2017 so register today!

We appreciate all of the support over the past 10 years and look forward to serving you for many years to come!

– Leor
Co Founder & CEO

Leor & Matt in 2007

Matt & I in front of the mobile storage on it’s
way to climate controlled storage in year unit in 2007

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