Sweater Weather


The temperature is dropping but you still have to walk 15 minutes to class in the chilly morning air, so it’s time to throw on one of your trusty sweaters.  It’s hard to find the perfect sweater that’s not too bulky, but still keeps you warm.  Here are a few of our favorite kinds of sweaters for this winter!

The Cable Knit– This chunky and textured style will keep you warm and cozy!

The Cardigan– There are TONS of cardigans out there with different colors and patterns, but this particular one keeps it classic and will go with just about anything!

The Oversized– Throwing on a larger sweater over leggings or jeans is easy and can go from day to night with just a simple accessory change!

The Poncho– This is your chance to show some style. Ponchos come in so many awesome different graphic patterns, so you just have to choose the one that fits your individual taste.

The Plaid- Who doesn’t love a good flannel? Unfortunately they don’t always keep you super warm, so try to experiment with a plaid sweater instead of the usual button down! You’ll get to wear the same pattern, but stay warmer.


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