Panini Please!


When you live in a dorm, the options of what you can cook are pretty minimal. One of the meals that you can make in your dorm room that contains protein and vegetables is a sandwich but with the weather cooling down, a cold sandwich may not be that appetizing. For fall and winter, why not switch over to making a panini? You’ll still get to include all of your favorite ingredients and it’ll warm you up! Here are some of our favorite panini recipes…

Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Tomato– Consider this an adult twist on a childhood favorite. You can add some healthy ingredients and upgrade your classic grilled cheese.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana– Is this breakfast, dessert or lunch? That decision is totally yours. The sweet flavors will take you back in time and the peanut butter will give you that protein your body needs.

Buffalo Chicken– In the mood for wings? This panini will definitely satisfy your craving. Put on the football game, cut up some celery and enjoy!

Ham and Pineapple- You don’t have to wait for delivery to get that delicious flavor combination. This is a sandwich take on a Hawaiian pizza and boy does it deliver!

Spicy Italian– In the mood for a hearty meat sandwich? Look no further. Between the ham, spicy salami and capicollo, you’ll be full and making this again soon!

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