How to Relax at College


When you’re in college, you’re constantly around other people. Whether you’re in  your room, at class or in the library, it’s hard to get some time alone to yourself and sometimes that’s all you need. Here’s a few things to do alone that can get you away from the crowd and in relaxation mode.

Go to a movie- Movie theaters are dark and talking is pretty much shunned, so this might be the perfect escape. Treat yourself to some popcorn and put your feet up on the empty chair in front of you. You’ll be so distracted by the plot of the movie, you won’t even be thinking about that chem test tomorrow!

Get your nails done- Nothing says relaxation quite like a nice pedicure. As a college kid budget is always a worry, but splurging every now and then isn’t bad for you. If you’re not super into the whole foot massage thing, give yourself an at-home pedi and spa night!

Check out off campus- It’s great to have so many people your own age around you but with the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to keep up. Check out a bookstore or lunch spot off campus so you can get away from the moving and shaking for a few minutes.

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