How to Cope With Homesickness


Feeling homesick? Going away to college can be tough. You’re separating yourself from your old life completely and not near your family to help you through it. Here’s a few things you can do to keep a positive attitude.

In with the old

Just because you are at college doesn’t mean your whole life has to be turned upside down. Did you have something you liked to do with your family or a certain thing you did every day? Whether it’s reading a good book or browsing funky little shops, keep doing it! Continuing to do these things will make you feel like you’re the same person and help you feel more at home.

Get Moving

Try not to get in a routine where you are just going to class, coming home and slipping back into bed each day. Working out will  produce something called serotonin, which creates endorphins and those will help to improve your mood! Fit in that morning yoga class, take a study break at the campus gym or even bike around campus to get that heart rate up.

Keep in Contact

With your busy schedule of class, studying and other social obligations, it may feel like you and your family are ships passing in the night, but try to avoid that. Make time to know what is going on in their lives. Create a family group text or schedule some video chat sessions to keep up with what’s new. You may not have had to schedule time before, but it will come in handy now!

Stay Busy

This may be easy to do since you probably have something you can be doing at all times, but keeping your mind off of being homesick may really work. Spend time getting to know people in your dorm and trying out new clubs or seeing sights around campus.

Be Positive

It may be difficult not to be negative at a time where you are sad or missing your family and friends from back home, but try to push those negative thoughts out and replace them with positive ones! Pick a quote of the day each day to remind yourself how great it is to be at school and experiencing new things. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

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