Write the Right Way

Now that you have your study methods, reading routines and class schedule all figured out, it’s time to move on to writing papers. You may have already had one paper due but don’t worry, it won’t be your last. Below are a few things to remember when you’re writing…

Make an Outline- The first thing you should do is get organized. You’ve done your research so now it’s time to really outline the paper and get all of your main ideas down. Remember, this is a rough outline and things will change throughout your writing process. This is just a good way to have all of your main points written out so you don’t forget what is most important.

Quality over quantity- Some professors will give you a word or page count, and others may give you some sort of freedom in that department. If you’re given a range of pages to write and you only have enough good information and writing for the lower end of the range, don’t add filler to make your paper longer. You want your paper to be as concise as possible.

Have someone edit- You can read your paper 1,000 times but you still may not catch that small grammar error or weird sentence that you wrote. If you’ve been working on your paper for a while, you may be attached to it and too close to see some things that you need to change in order to make it better. Try to see if your teacher’s assistant will read papers before the due date. If they don’t, go to a classmate, friend or parent for a little editing,

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