Hidden Healthy Habits

When you’re away at college, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the social and academic commitments that you’re making. You’re going from one place to the next and may not even have time to think about your health. We’ve come up with 5 ways to lead a healthier lifestyle without making any drastic alterations to your daily life.

#1 Drink water

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to drink water during the day, but try carrying around a water bottle or tumbler cup with you to class. Water has tons of health benefits that could help you in the long run. Also, don’t forget to chug a few glasses before bed after that long night out. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

#2 Skip the elevator

Chances are that your dorm and all of your classes are not going to be on the first floor, so why not take the stairs to get to them? This will allow you to work in some cardio activity during your day without even having to go to the gym.

#3 Listen to your body

You know yourself better than anyone else, so listen to your body when it’s telling you that you need a rest. It’s great to be involved, but not at a cost to your health. Carve out time for a few relaxing “me” moments in your day to reduce stress. Try downloading a good book on your tablet, listening to some music on the way to class or even taking a small nap in between class and studying. Relaxation may improve your mood, attention span and even help you sleep better.

#4 Eat veggies

The late night pizza and dessert probably satisfy your cravings but they may hurt you in the long run. Add some veggies in your daily routine by bringing veggies as snacks to eat when you’re out and about for the day, or even by swapping out one of your meals each day for a healthier option like a salad. Once you start adding veggies and slowly subtracting those greasy fried foods, you may see a difference in the way you feel and look.

#5 Protect your skin

When you’re in college, you’re probably walking around campus a ton, and that means that you’re in the sun a lot. If you know you’re going to be walking or biking a lot that day, grab a hat to wear, put on sunscreen or even buy make up with sunscreen already in it. The SPF will help to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin healthy.

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