Prep for your first test

It’s time for the first exam of the year, but don’t stress! We’ve got your study formula below!
Make a study schedule

Do you study better at night or during the day? Don’t wait until the last minute to find out. Start studying a week or two leading up to the test instead of pulling an all nighter the night before your test. Getting organized ahead of time will help you prepare and cut out procrastination.

Gather your materials

What exaclty is your exam going to cover? Be sure to collect all of your notes from lectures and readings to study. Make notecards to cover everything or put a study guide together so you can bring your study materials wherever you go.

Prep the snacks

If you plan on surviving on coffee or candy during your study times, think again. It’s important to have real food and water so that you can stay hydrated and get all of the nutriets you normally get. Check out some study snacks to prepare before you head to the library.

 Find a study buddy

Sometimes it’s easier to get motivated if you have someone to study with. Look around your class and introduce yourself to someone. You can work seperately or quiz eachother on the material for the exam.

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