Welcoming yourself to College

So, you’ve started school and gotten a lay of the land. You know where your classes are, made friends with some people in your dorm and even settled into college life. Do you think you have you fully embraced school yet? Going with the motions of your everyday life may make you forget that you’re actually at this amazing University and to take every moment in. Below is a list of 3 things to do to whole heartedly accept your college life.

#1 Start Reading

No, we’re not talking about reading your college books and reading assignments, (although you should do that too) but we are tlaking about your college paper. Reading the student publication in print or online will keep you in the loop about what’s happening on campus and you can start to see what your college is all about.

#2 Go Team!

Not a huge football fan? Wait for baseball or tennis season to roll around, but get to a game! It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport is, but you should try and go to a game of some sort to find out what it’s like. Embrace the spirit and rock your school’s colors to get the full experience. If it’s not your thing after the first one no big deal, but atleast you tried!

#3 Join in

There are so many social and academic clubs on campus, so why not take advantage of atleast one? Try as many out as you want until you find one you like. You’ll meet new friends, branch out and maybe even find something you never knew you were interested in.

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