What you DON’T need at college

When you’re packing for college, it’s easy to make a list of the things you DO need. For instance, you know you need to bring bedding, school supplies, clothes etc. What people always skip over is what you don’t need to bring- the stuff that’s not a necessity and just constitutes as overpacking. Here are a few things to leave out of your boxes this year..

#1 Some Technology Stuff- Printers may be one of the first things you think of when you make your packing list however you’d be surprised at how little you will need your own printer. Most professors have assignments and papers turned in online these days, and if you need to print something you can always go to the printer center or library on campus. TV’s are also items most people would jump at a chance to bring, but if you have a tablet and computer to stream TV and movies, why go through the hassle and spend extra money to bring a TV? Think about your other options before diving in.

#2 Your Whole Closet- It’s difficult to know what clothes you’re going to need at college, but that doesn’t mean you need your entire wardrobe. Let’s face it, dorm closets aren’t known to be the largest things in the world so why stuff them up and not be able to find anything at all? Chances are you’re going to take a trip home around Thanksgiving or the winter holiday season so you might as well bring your summer and fall stuff now and then switch out some things over your break. If you know you won’t need those puffy jackets until November, leave em at home for now.

#3 Unrealistic Items– When you sit down and make your list, be realistic about what you are actually going to use. You likely have a limited amount of space so don’t clutter your whole room with stuff that’s just going to collect dust. Do you really need that steamer or ironing board? Probably not. Can you live without an extra set of sheets? Yep. These are the things you need to cut down and really think about. Chat with your new roommate before hand and split up some of the cleaning supplies so that you don’t bring doubles.

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