Salads Galore

Fall semester is almost here, which means it’s time to get that dorm cook book going. Just because you’re cooking in your dorm doesn’t mean you are limited to unhealthy items like quesadillas, ramen and mac n cheese.

Salads can be an easy thing to put together in a dorm room, while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite recipes!

Italian Chopped– With an estimated prep time of 10 minutes, this salad can be an easy one to make in between classes. The recipe has directions on how to make your own dressing, but if you’re feeling a little lazy feel free to pick up a bottle of your favorite kind at the store. (We won’t tell anyone)

California Cobb– This protein packed salad is hearty and containsa ton of flavor. At first glance you may look at the recipe and think you need a full kitchen to make the salad, but if you buy a rotisserie chicken and already hard boiled eggs, this salad is just as simple as any other.

Thai Peanut Quinoa– This recipe sounds fancy, but you can do all of this prep right from your dorm. Stores like Trader Joe’s sell frozen quinoa so all you need is a microwave to complete the salad. Don’t feel like making the dressing? Pick one up from the store while you’re there.

White Bean– Switch up your salad and add some white beans this week. All you have to do is mix the ingredients in a bowl and eat. You can even experiment by adding some of your favorite extra veggies to the mix.

Zesty Lime Shrimp & Avocado– This light salad bares a resemblance to a ceviche dish. I know that you’re about to doubt your dorm kitchen skills about shrimp, but pleanty of stores (if not all) sell pre-cooked shrimp that are easy to add in to any salad. Pretty soon all of your friends will be coming over and asking you to make this yummy recipe for them too!

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