September Snacks

Class is in session, dorms are full and you’re officially surviving college. Are you sick of Ramen soup, microwave quesadillas and delivery pizza yet? If you are, try experimenting in the coming month with some new flavors. We’ve compiled 5 dorm-friendly recipes for delicious snacks to experiment with. If you’re still getting adjusted, we suggest taking on one per week!

#1 Apple Cookies– This healhty alternative to a cookie will satisfy your sweet tooth and can be made in no time. Switch up the recipe by adding new toppings each time!

#2 Raw Zucchini Sushi Rolls– Why go to a restaurant to have sushi when you can make it yourself? This snack will be a fun study break and keep your diet balanced by adding some veggies in your routine.

#3 Breakfast Cereal Bars– Sick of spending money for a bagel every morning when you’re running late? Prepare some no-bake cereal bars for an on-the-go snack or breakfast. Your tummy will be smiling, and so will your bank account!

#4 Crispy Kale Chips– Chips are definitely a staple snack, but they aren’t known to be the healthiest thing. Experiment by making your own out of kale right in the microwave. Be sure to make extra, we have a feeling your friends will want some too!

#5 Oatmeal Rasin Energy Bites– Are you an oatmeal rasin cookie fan? If so, you came to the right place. These soft and chewy energy bites taste like the real deal and aren’t too hard to make!

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