Be Proactive this semester

Depending on the college you are attending, classes have already started or will begin in the next few weeks. You have the choice to make this semester the one where you get that 4.0 GPA you’ve always wanted and achieve all of your goals you made for the year. Here’s a few ways to start the process:

1# Plan: It’s the oldest trick in the book, but using your planner or phone calendar really can come in handy. Start your semester off by laying out all of your assignments and exams. You will know what is coming up and it will allow you to accurately plan an appropriate amount of time for completion and studying beforehand. If you’re not really crazy about paper planners, try downloading a fun calendar app to help you stay organized.

#2 Meet & Greet: Go out of your way to introduce yourself to your professors and teacher assistants. They will generally have office hours where you could go in and ask questions or just say hi. If you are a bit shy, wait until the first assignment is due and then go in beforehand with any questions you have. This will show your professor that you are committed and making the effort to dive deeper in to your studies.

#3 Be Punctual: Who wants to be that person who is 15 minutes late and disrupts the entire class? The stares from other classmates as you walk all the way to the only seat left in the middle of the front row could be brutal. You want the professor to know you for good traits, not bad ones. Try your hardest to be on time and attend class regularly. You’ll get notes and insight you wouldn’t otherwise have, and you may even get a heads up on a quiz coming up.

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