America’s favorite sport is back!

It’s that time of year again- FOOTBALL SEASON! Starting this week, get ready for school spirit, fun times and some good old fashioned college football.

Not sure how to prepare? We’ve got you covered.

#1 Stock up on the new gear- If you’re going to the game, you gotta be repping your team. Treat yourself to a jersey or cut up a fun design in a standard shirt. You can even get creative and sport flash tattoos, sunglasses or even paint your hair (or body) for the game. We can just feel the dedication.

#2 Get your tickets- This one may be obvious. If your school offers a season pass and you KNOW you’ll be one of the die hard fans attending every single game through rain or shine, make sure you have your pass all figured out. If you’re not really up for spending a ton of money or don’t want to sit in the student section, you can always buy a few tickets here and there to the games you feel like attending. If you plan on watching the game somewhere else, make sure you get the correct channel.

#3 Plan the tailgate- Some may argue the tailgate is even more fun than the actual game…don’t worry, we won’t tell. Decide on where you are tailgating and make a plan with your friends. Do you plan on wandering around or do you have a specific friend’s tailgate you want to go to? Remember that the whole campus is probably preparing the same kind of tailgate you are, so it may be wise to head to the store ahead of time before all of the hotdog buns and red cups are out.

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