why you shouldnt sleep until 12 every day during the summer


It may be tempting to sleep in until noon each day over the summer, especially since you’ve been working hard at school and may even have 8 am classes a few times a week, but don’t do it. Waking up at 12 really means you’re sleeping for basically half of your day, and that’s a lot! Here’s what you would be missing out on:

1. Breakfast- Well this is obvious because it’s the most IMPORTANT meal of the day! You probably aren’t having many home cooked egg meals in your dorm, so this is your chance to take advantage of that kitchen downstairs. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can convince your mom to make you your favorite pancakes you crave at school!

2. Balance- When you sleep until noon ,you may not have time to doi some things during the day. If you made plans with your friends at 1, then have dinner with your family right after, you may have left your workout routine or errands you really needed to run out of today’s schedule. Managing your day over summer is about achieving balance and time management.

3. Less Job Availability- If you’re looking for a summer job, putting “Must be scheduled after 12pm” isn’t the most attractive thing to places. Being flexible may allow you to earn more money or even get the job over someone else!

4. Summer School- Did you sign up for summer courses? That’s awesome and you’ll be ahead of the game come fall 2015, but sometimes those classes come with a lot of work to do, so waking up at 12 pm could infringe on your social life. You may be stuck with 4+ hours of work to do for that day and then barely have any time to hang with friends.

5. Missing out- Did you put your phone on silent when you went to bed? You may be missing out on texts or plans if you sleep late! Maybe your friend had a last minute idea to go to the lake today, but you didn’t get to go because you were still sleeping by the time they decided to leave.



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