why your summer classes matter


You’re home for the summer and school is supposed to be over for break but you decided to take a class, or a few classes, over the summer- good for you!  It’s important to keep up with your classes over the summer no matter how many distracting things pop up that you would rather do. Here’s why…

#1. Getting Ahead

If you’ve changed your major a few times, or declared a little late, it’s important to get back on track so you can graduate on time. Keeping up with your summer courses could really help achieve that goal and bring you ahead if you’re already on track.

#2 Easy A

You don’t want to have to take the class again if you fail it, but this time in person. Sometimes summer courses can be a bit easier than the ones you take during the year, so use this as an advantage and try to get it right the first time.

#3 Raise the Bar

Yes, summer courses still count. Make sure you use this as a chance to bring up your GPA, not drag it down. You have more freedom to do your assignments from home and if you take an online course, you can complete assignments and study by the pool. What could be better?


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