how to make some extra cash over the summer


There are so many fun activities to do over summer like travel, go to the movies, shop, have BBQs with friends, but all of that costs money. To do everything you want to over the summer, or even during the school year, you may need some extra cash. Why not start now? Step away from the Netflix, put your sun bathing plans on hold, and take a shower.

Here’s a few ways to make some extra cash over the summer:

#1 Babysit: This has got to be the most flexible for the summer. Maybe you have some little cousins or family friends that need some afternoon care 3 days a week, or the family you babysat for in high school is looking for some weekend help. Babysitting pays well (for the most part) and it’s not always an everyday gig!

#2 Restaurant: Maybe you want to wait tables or host a few days a week. Go down to a few local places and apply! Typically you can choose part time, so you still have free time to do whatever else you want! If you’re not into the hustle and bustle, get a job as a barista at a local coffee shop.

#3 Household Chores:  Ask your parents or grandparents if they or anyone they know needs some things done around the house. Maybe you know someone who needs a house sitter or pet sitter while they’re gone. Doing daily tasks for someone like organizing their office or picking up their groceries once a week can be fast, easy money!

#4 Clothing Store: So many places are looking for new hires during the summer. Pop over to one of your favorite stores at the mall or on the main drag and see if they’re hiring. It won’t be stressful and you’ll likely get to choose some of your hours/days. Another big bonus? DISCOUNT.

#5 Country Club- There are so many different areas of work in a country club- from lifeguarding or being a fitness assistant in a gym, to caddying on the golf course or working at the front desk. There are tons of summer job opportunities and you’ll met lots of new people while you’re at it!

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