how to get that perfect tan…without going in the sun

Summer is here so it’s time to put those jeans and sweaters away and trade them for shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. This is all great until you realize your skin hasn’t seen the sun in 6 months and you’re looking on the (way) pale side of the spectrum. If you want to rock that untanned skin, more power to you! We bet you look great!

But, if you’re trying to look a little tan before your first pool party and don’t want to lay out in the sun for hours, or you don’t have the time to, there are other solutions…

Self Tanning Lotion- There are tons of self tanner lotions out there to try. Just put it on as directed and hopefully you’ll be shades darker in no time!

Spray Tan- Oh, the famous spray tan. There are definitely ups and downs to this way of tanning. One positive is that you will definitely look sun-kissed, but a negative is that it could make you peel pretty bad. There are salons that have spray tan automatic booths or you can have someone personally spray the serum on you.

Tanning Bed- Reports say this isn’t the safest way to get tan, however it definitely gets the job done. Laying in a tanning bed even for a little bit can transform your look. Just be sure to read up on the dangers of tanning beds before you go so that you can make an educated decision.

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