how to deal with living with your parents again

If you just graduated and you’re moving home for a little bit before you get on your feet, or if you’re just home for the summer and going back to school in the Fall, this is for you! Living at home with your parents after having all of the freedom you want at school can be tough to readjust to. So we’re here to tell you how to deal.

1. Be upfront: Sit down and have a talk with your parents. Do you still have a curfew? What do they want you to make your bed everyday? Knowing what your parents expectations are ahead of time will make things a lot easier. You’ll know exactly what they want of you and you can share what you’re hoping living together will be like.

2. Get out of the house: If you’re exploding inside and your parents are getting on your nerves after day 2 of being home, don’t just sit on the couch all day. Get an internship or job, make plans with friends or plan a trip somewhere!

3. Breath: Remember that this is not permanent (hopefully) and that your time here will expire. If you don’t get along with your parents, that’s okay. Try to work on your relationship before this time is up. Just think, you’ll either be back at school in a few months or you’ll get a job, save up some cash and go out on your own.

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