5 ways to cure summertime boredom

blog6:4While you were studying for finals, all you could think about was summer. All of the AWESOME stuff you’d do and the AMAZING memories you’d make. But, it turns out that your reality isn’t as awesome or amazing as your expectations. Now you’re only a few weeks into your summer break and you’re bored, but you don’t have to be. We have the perfect cures for you…
#1 Go on a trip

Whether it’s near or far, going to visit friends or taking a vacation to somewhere you’ve never been before is an easy way to cure your summer boredom. Maybe your driving distance from a lake or beach? Nothing reminds us of summer more than a day hanging with friends on the water and getting a bit of a tan.

#2 Get a job

Build that resume, make money AND keep busy…What more could someone want? Applying to a job, even if it isn’t particularly relevant to what you want to do in life, is a great way to show future employers that you actually did something on your time off.

#3 Take up a hobby

There are tons of things you can do this summer that maybe you never thought of. Volunteering somewhere nearby is always a good deed, or maybe you have a natural golf swing but never got a chance to get out there on the course. Whether its tennis, reading, cooking, photography or anything else you have always wanted to do or learn, try it out!

#4 Get in shape

Sometimes when you go away to college you’re too preoccupied with things like studying, socializing with friends and getting involved to keep up your fitness and health routine. Use this summer as a chance to get back to your norm. Maybe try that new spin studio that just opened or start running outside with a friend. Everything is always better with a buddy!

#5 Plan an event

The Fourth of July, a friend’s birthday, Labor Day? All good excuses to plan a fun party or event. Maybe you are a Pinterest fanatic but haven’t had an excuse to craft for a party. Get that party planning hat on and start going! You’ll have something to look forward to and lots of details to sort out like menu, decor, guest list and activities!


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