Fourth of July Fashions

Whether you’re hosting a party, attending one or just spending the day on the water, you want to dress the part for July Fourth. The obvious colors to wear are red, white and blue but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the typical American Flag shirt. Here’s 3 ways to get creative this year!

#1 Kisses- If you’ve been waiting to test out that new red lipstick you’ve had for a few months but haven’t gotten the courage to put it on, July Fourth is the day to do it! Dare to be bold with a statement lip. If you don’t have any red clothing to wear, this is a perfect solution! Our favorites: Mac’s Ruby Woo & COVERGIRL’s Really Red 

#2 Head of the Party- Feel like throwing on an all white outfit, but looking to get that red and blue in there too? Try purchasing an American flag turban headband. It’ll be patriotic-chic and you can wear it year after year.

#3 Nailed it- Maybe you’re not huge in to the whole “wear red white and blue” clothing thing, but you want to show your pride some other way. Try having some fun with your nails this week. You can do a full stripes and starts getup, or you can keep it simple and just follow the color scheme.

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