Keeping it Smooth- Smoothie Recipes for the summer

Summer can be hot…really hot. Temperatures in some states surpass  100 degrees and certain states even have added humidity with that heat. That kind of weather can only mean one thing- smoothie season!

Here are our 5 favorite smoothie recipes for this summer:

Go Green: This green monster smoothie mixes greens like spinach and kale with tropical fruits to make a refreshing and healthy green smoothie.

Dessert Please: You’ll want seconds with this healthy cake batter smoothie recipe. Forget the ice cream and have fun with some sprinkles and cake mix on a hot summer night.

Breaky Treat: Sick of the same old scrambled eggs? Wake up tomorrow morning with a breakfast energy smoothie. The berries and orange juice will give you the vitamins and energy you need for the day!

Fruity Fun: No need to fix something that isn’t broken. If you’re a fruit smoothie kinda person, stick with what you know. Watermelon and strawberry will be the perfect blend!

Cup of Caffeine: If you’re a coffee lover, then why not put some coffee in your smoothie this summer? Spice it up and make a toasted coconut coffee smoothie to try something new.

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