best close summer trips you can take

It’s summer, it’s July and it’s time to do something spontaneous! Why not plan a trip? It’s hard to book a last minute vacation across the country or travel abroad without the price sky rocketing, so it may be best to stay close.

Here are our top 3 types of places to travel to:

#1 The Water – Weather you live close to a beach or lake, take a trip and feel some fresh water. Places like California and Florida are known for their beaches, and areas in the South or back east have tons of awesome lakes! Our advice? Rent a house  or get a hotel room with some of your crew and try to meet new friends with a boat!

#2 The Mountains – If you’re from somewhere hot, a green getaway with cooler temperatures can be just what you need. Either check out some hotels nearby or bring your tent and sleeping bag for an outdoor adventure.

#3 Festival Sites – Music, art and food are just 3 types of festivals out there. Try checking out a nearby state or city’s calendar to get the scoop on some new and exciting events to attend.

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