Finals are ending, summer is near and it’s time to load everything into storage. You’ve packed winter clothes, bedding and everything else you don’t need over the summer but you’re not sure what to do with those liquids you have like mouthwash, detergent, shampoo, nail polish remover and more. Here’s our top reasons why you should leave liquids out of storage!

#1 They may ruin everything- If you don’t put the cap on tight enough or there’s a hole that you don’t know about it the bottle, this could be a big problem when you come back. You may have put your favorite sweater or important papers in that box and everything could be ruined.

#2 They could spoil- If your stuff is sitting in a storage locker that isn’t climate controlled, they could totally get gross and spoil. You don’t want your favorite lotion exploding from the heat or winding up chunky.

#3 Bonus: Our suggestion? Avoid major problems by giving leftover liquids to a friend, bringing them home with your or throwing them all out before you go home!

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