How to fill in nail holes in the wall

You’re packing everything up and it’s almost time for your RA to do your room inspection. All that’s left in your dorm are memories and, of course, holes in the wall. You know you shouldn’t have hung things with nails, even the contract you signed said not to. But, you couldn’t help yourself. Don’t fret, we have the perfect solutions for you.

#1 The lazy college kid way: Everyone has toothpaste right? Well, we hope you do. If not, it may be time to borrow from a friend, or go shopping! Squeeze  little bit out and put it in those small holes you have all over your room.  Maybe stray away from blue or green toothpaste if your wall is a stark white!

#2 The fast fix way: Go down to the hardware store and grab some wall putty. Push the putty into the hole and wait for it to dry. You can either leave it or put a tiny bit of paint over to make it blend in even more.

#3 The super-duper inventive DIY way: Do you have any aspirin lying around? Welp, now you have another use for it. Smash it up a bit until it gets powder-like and add a very small amount of water to it. Then use that as a paste to fill each hole.

#4 The “right” way: So you feel like being proper, huh? This one is for you. Grab some drywall filler, sand over it and then paint over that. There, easy peasy!

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