How to pack electronics

Everything you need to move needs careful planning and packing, but electronics might be the most fragile. Whether you’re driving your stuff home, moving to a friends, storing with a company or shipping home, you want to make sure all of your electronics are safe and secure.

Here are our top 3 tips on moving your electronics safely:

#1 Use Original Packaging

It’s definitely best to use the original packaging when packing up your electronics. Items like that always fit best in the original boxes they come in. In addition, shipping and storage places often don’t cover electronics under their insurance unless the items are in their original packaging. If you didn’t save the boxes, that’s okay too! Just find a box or packing blanket and pack the stuff up the best you can.

#2 Keep Everything Organized

Most electronics have multiple pieces so its smart to keep everything organized when packing. If the item has a remote,  owner’s manual or cords, make sure to keep those two together and pack them with, or near, the device. For cords, it’s smart to color code your ports and cables so when you unpack, putting everything back together is simple and stress-free!

#3 Temperature Awareness

Many electronics won’t do well in the super hot heat or in a lot of humidity, so it’s important to be aware of the weather where you are storing, shipping or moving your items to.  If you’re moving the stuff yourself, be sure to load your electronics last so they aren’t sitting in the hot truck for too long. In addition, for storage be sure to choose a place that is climate controlled.

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