How To Get Your Dorm Ready For Move Out

So, it’s about that time of the year again. Finals, counting down until summer vacation and of course MOVE OUT. Before you can live your fantasy and be relaxing on a raft in the pool with an ice cold lemonade in your hand, you have to worry about packing all your stuff up.

Normally this is considered a chore and even a burden during the rush of the end of the year, but what if packing up and moving out of your dorm, apartment or house could be simple? Well, it can be. Here are a few tips on how to get your dorm ready for move out…

1. Make a Plan- Just like everything in life, it’s better to lay out a guide for yourself so you don’t forget to pack anything or run out of time.

  • Get Prepared- Make sure you set things like breakables aside so that you have time to pack them at the end. Give yourself enough time with maybe an extra hour or two so you can study instead of pack 5 minutes before your last final.
  • Supply Yourself- Check to see that you have everything you need. Boxes? Packing tape? Bubble wrap? Newspaper? Suitcases? Make a thorough list for these items and make sure you have them all before starting.
  • Decide what to do- If you’re shipping your items home, storing with a company, friend or at a self-storage locker, make a decision and quick! You don’t want to be trying to get a friend to lend you their truck last minute or wind up paying inflated pick up prices with movers.

2. Deal with the big items- If you live in an off campus apartment or house, this could be pretty common. You’ll want to asses your items and figure out what you’re doing-shipping, storing or moving? Protection for furniture is key for all instances.

  • For mattresses, make sure you box or cover them with plastic to keep dust and bed bugs out.
  • TV’s are always best in boxes or packing blankets, and make sure to keep your remote somewhere safe!
  • Dressers and desks should be covered with plastic or cardboard. Be sure to empty your items and secure all of the drawers and shelves so that they do not open or separate during the move.

3.  Stay Calm and Pack On– Even though this probably seems like a super stressful time of your year, remember that summer is just around the corner and that it’s not the end of the world if you have 1 box left to pack after your final. You’re there for school and exams are still your number one priority. Here’s a few more tips to keep you organized.

  • If you’re storing your items, don’t forget to set aside the items you want to take home this summer.
  • Driving home? Make a plan on which route you’re going to take and make sure you have your playlist ready to rock!
  • During your exam study breaks, pack a little. It gets you moving and you’ll get work done while you’re on your break.

Happy packing!:)

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