Activities to do during your last week in your dorm

Finals are here and it’s almost time to go home for the summer. Maybe when you come back you’ll be in a dorm again or maybe you’ll be moving somewhere else, like an off campus apartment or house, or fraternity/sorority  house. Either way, this is the last week of the year in your dorm so you have to celebrate!

Here’s our top 5 things to do:

1. Hang out with friends- You may not be seeing your friends for the entire summer so having a chill night in your dorm would be a good way to say goodbye. Pop some popcorn, stream a movie from Netflix and chat about your plans for the summer.

2. Last minute packing- You probably have tons of stuff to bring back home or put in storage so you may want to get to packing! It’s best to pack some of your stuff up before finals so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re studying but last minute items, like clothes and bedding, will take up a few hours or days to pack up during your last week.

3. Build a fort- DUH. Get everyone on your floor and grab some flat sheets to get going. This is a fun way to say goodbye to all of your friends in your dorm and have one last hurrah.

4. Spring Cleaning- Think about what exactly you need for next year and what you probably won’t use. Cleaning out your dorm and getting rid of some stuff could really cut your costs of shipping or storage, and allow you to be more organized when you move into your new place next school year!

5. Roomie Bonding- Are you living with your roommate again next year? Even if you are, it probably won’t be the same environment or the same exact energy next year so take some time and really soak in what freshman year has to offer. Get froyo, watch a movie or just make a cup of noodles and hang.

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