How to properly lift a box

Moving season is here and you’ve probably packed some items in boxes this year. If you’re moving your own stuff and trying not to injure yourself lifting everything, it’s time to learn how to lift boxes properly. Check out our favorite tips below…

  • Plan it out: Make sure you have a place in mind where you are putting the box once you lift it. The longer you are walking around with a large box, the more chances you have to bump into things and hurt yourself.
  • Warmup- Do some stretching for your back and legs before it all begins! This will loosen up your muscles and then you won’t be as sore after.
  • Squat for your thought : Don’t bend over and lift with your back. Simply squat down, bending at your hips and knees only.
  • Lift with your legs: Don’t rush lifting the box if you’re not going to do it properly. Make sure you’re lifting with your legs and hips. keeping your back straight to avoid injury.
  • Get close: Keep that box close to your body once your standing upright. Tighten your core and try not to twist your body too much, then transfer the box where it needs to go.

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