How to Pack all your stuff into a Jetta for summer break

If you don’t have a Volkswagen Jetta, that’s okay. Keep reading….

Packing up and driving home for the summer is exciting- you just finished finals, you’re ready for summer vacation and it’s time to go home! But first, you have to deal with packing up the car.

You can ship your stuff home or store it for the summer locally but if you choose to drive it all back, things could get a bit messy. Here’s our top 4 tips on how to stuff everything in your car.

#1 Make a plan- You drive your car almost everyday and maybe even drove all this stuff to college at the beginning of the year, therefore you should have some sort of idea on how much will fit in the car. If you have a car on the smaller side and a wardrobe bigger than the car, don’t expect everything to fit. Divide your stuff into categories and then figure out how many suitcases and boxes will fit before you start to pack the car up!

#2 Alternatives to Boxes- Boxes could definitely be the hardest thing to fit in the car. While there are some things that probably have to be boxed, a lot of things can fit into storage bags, garbage packs or even stackable drawers. These will be easier to squeeze in the car and stack on top of each other. Also, think about investing in zip ties or an overhead luggage carrier for the roof of your car.

#3 Prioritize- Think about what you actually need in the car. You should put items like your phone, purse, water, snacks etc. up front and reachable. Make sure you don’t have to dig through everything when you go to find your wallet at your first rest stop. On top of that, prioritize what you actually need to bring home. Pack all of the essentials in the car first and then ship or store whatever is left.

#4 Safety First- Don’t pack the car up to the brim. Make sure you can see out the review mirror, especially if your drive is a couple of hours long. Always remember that safety should be your first thought. Maybe ship that extra box you have or take some stuff home on a trip back home before summer. The less stuff at summer break to bring home, the better!

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