How to Travel safely when you go abroad

Traveling abroad can be fun, exciting and really open your eyes to a “whole new world” so to speak. But, you want to make sure you really prepare and travel safely. It’s hard not to let the excitement get in the way of taking the safety steps you need to before traveling.

Follow our favorite three tips to ensure you are safe when traveling abroad….

Plan ahead: Traveling in general requires a certain amount of planning. Traveling to a foreign country calls for even more – especially if you want to travel safely. Make sure to get all of your ducks in a row before venturing into the unknown. Make a to-do list if need be. Set up plans for where you will be staying for at least the first few nights of your trip. Grab some travel books and download a translator app. Another great way to plan ahead is to set aside some money for your trip in advance. Future you will thank you for it.

Pack wisely: Make a checklist and be sure to pack for anything unforeseen. A copy of your passport is essential, in case you happen to misplace it on your travels. If you plan to stay at any hostels, take a lock with you in case you need to lock up any of your valuables. Bring along a money belt or necklace so you can go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about losing your cash.

Stay Alert: Keep your wits about you. While there is no reason to be paranoid, it is important to remember you are in a foreign land. Always take note of your surroundings and keep your mind sharp in case trouble should arise. It’s easy to get lost in places you’ve never been – keeping a map of the local area on hand is a great way to avoid getting lost and to enjoy the most of your surroundings.

Safe travels!

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