How to jazz up your graduation cap

It’s time! You’re graduating! All of your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to go to your commencement ceremony and celebrate with friends and family.

But first, the cap and gown. Is it plain? yes. But, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s 5 ways to spice it up!

#1 You Can Quote Me-Do you have a favorite quote? Maybe pull one from your favorite book or song that really speaks to you. Generally people pick quotes about moving forward in their life or future.

#2 Diamonds are a girls best friend– Looking to stand out? This could really help you achieve that goal! Go to your local craft store and buy some jewels and hot or fabric glue to take your cap to the next level. You can create a fun design, flower or even just cover the whole thing with jewels and make a color pattern.

#3 They call me…-Want mom and dad to see you from the stands and know it’s you? Try putting your name or nickname on your cap! This will especially be cute for grad announcement pictures, but be sure not to throw your cap up too high when you graduate! It would be a shame for an Ashley to wind up with an Amy’s cap.

#4 Go team!– You’ve been going to this school for 4+ years so obviously you have some school pride! Putting your school’s colors, letters or mascot on your cap is a fun idea to show how much you really love your school. The design will be timeless!

#5 Thanks for the memories– You have probably made tons of memories at college over the past years so why not put those on display? Print out some of your favorite pictures you’ve taken and make a fun photo collage to put on your hat.

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