5 things to do at home over the summer

WOOOOO! It’s officially summer break (or almost) and you’re heading home for the summer. You’ll be sleeping in your old bed, in your home town and basically you’ll be back right where you were before you went away to college. Some people can see this as a bad thing since you may not have as much freedom or you’ll be missing your new BFFs, but it’s not all bad! Here’s our top 5 things to do at home over the summer.

1. Spend time with family and old friends- You probably don’t get to see your family or old friends very much while your away at school, or even talk to them much. Take some time to catch up. Have a BBQ, go to a movie or take a trip to the beach. Don’t take this time for granted… It’s hard to stay up to date on each other’s lives when you’re away at college.

2. Get in shape- If you neglected your health and fitness at school for partying and pizza, now is the time to get back to your routine! You want to take care of yourself and get back in to shape this summer. Try a new clean eating plan or join a new studio in town.

3. Get a summer job/internship- Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean you HAVE to be lazy. Make some extra cash for the school year or for a trip you’ve been saving up for. Also, no need to neglect your future…apply for an internship in your field. You can always use a good resume builder!

4. Take a road trip- Is there something you haven’t seen near your home town or do you have some new friends just a state or city away? Get in the car and take a trip to a new place. You can have fun exploring and seeing new places.

5. Relaaaaxxx- You just worked your butt off during finals and you’ve been studying all year, so why not take a load off? Lay by your pool, download a good book on your kindle or even start a new series on Netflix. You could use some “you” time.

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