How to use your child’s room when he or she goes to college

So, you’re the proud parent of a college student, or future college student, and now you’re also the proud owner of a new spare room. Your child probably wants you to preserve every single item and memory they have in that room and that’s an okay choice, but what if there’s another option out there that’s better for you? We think there might be…

Check out our 5 favorite ideas:

Guest room– If you didn’t have a guest room before, this could be the perfect option for you. Your child may likely move back home for a small amount of time after college, so having a bed for them will be nice. You can take their room now and simply give it a makeover, creating a new and improved room for a cheap amount. We suggest keeping the furniture but getting more of a neutral bed spread, new decor and even painting the walls to transform the space!

Workout room– Always wanted that elliptical at home? Now is the time. You can also throw in a yoga mat and some dumbbells to create your own space. Time to say goodbye to your gym membership and hello to your new home gym oasis.

Home office– Creating a space to work in could be very beneficial for your family. All you have to do is purchase a desk and you can have your very own home office. Even if you just need to do a little paperwork or put in a few hours on the weekends, it’s nice to have a separate space where you’re not distracted by other things in your home. You an even put a pull out couch in there for guests.

Hobby room– What are YOU in to? Now that your student is gone and having a great time at school, you can really take more time to work on yourself and find your passions. Photography? Scrapbooking? Knitting? Whatever your interest is, it can now be explored in your new hobby room. Get your things organized and create a real space for yourself.

Closet– If your master closet just is NOT cutting it anymore, then maybe it’s time to be free and expand a bit. Go to ikea or another organization place like that and get some wardrobe closets or organizational cabinets and shelves. Turn this into your very own dressing room. Put in a vanity for make up, a mirror and a cute little pouf to sit on. You’ll never want to leave…unless it’s to go shopping!

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