Packing Tips For Breakables

So, it’s getting to that time where you need to start packing your stuff up and heading out for summer break. You have things like clothes, books and bedding that you’ll throw in a suitcase or box, or even maybe a trash bad. But, what about those picture frames, glass nick nacks and jewelry that you have? Those things are fragile and may break during the move.

Here are our top 3 packing tips for breakables:

1. Get prepared- You know that you can always throw an extra pair of socks in your bag but you won’t be able to rush packing those breakable items. Make sure that you set all of your breakables aside or make a list of them so that you know you’ll need an extra hour or two to take care of those. It may even be best to save them for last so you know you have enough time to concentrate.

2. Supply Yourself- Throwing items in a bag or box may work for softer items, but you will need some extra cushion for your fragile items. Newspaper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts should all be something you consider. If you run out or don’t have access to these types of things- no worries! Just use some of that softer stuff you have, like sweaters, for protection!

3. Pack it up- This may seem like the easiest step, but often it might be where you get a little frustrated. Don’t worry- we’ll help! Make sure that you have the right size boxes and that you’re not under stuffing those boxes! If you can hear your breakables clinking together, you’ll need more cushion. If you see an extra open space, stick a big sweater or some styrofoam in that spot. Lastly, make sure to tape this one up extra and write “Fragile” on the box.

Happy Packing!

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