How to Get your furniture prepared for your move

So, you don’t just have boxes full of clothes and knick knacks to move or store? Not a problem. We’ll help you figure out how to get all that furniture prepared and ready for move out.

Here are a few common things people ask us about packing:

1. Mattresses and Futons- If you live in an off campus apartment or house, this could be pretty common. All you’ll want to do is use or buy a box or plastic mattress cover to keep in the dust and make sure bed bugs stay out!

2. Desks and Dressers- Make sure to cover the finished surfaces of your furniture with either plastic or cardboard. Empty your items and secure all of the drawers and shelves so that they do not open or separate during the move.

3. TV- We recommend that you use the original packaging materials for your television but if that’s not possible, wrap your television in moving blankets or towels and place it inside of a sturdy box. Make sure that the television is secured and does not shift inside of the box. Also make sure that nothing is putting pressure on the screen of the TV. No box? No problem. Just wrap it in a packing blanket or tell your movers to bring one for you!

4. Lamps- Remove light bulbs and cover lamp shades with a plastic bag to keep them clean. If it’s a desk lamp, we suggest putting it in a box with some of your other stuff!

5. Rugs- Roll your rug tightly and tape it securely in at least 3 places. Wrap it in plastic if you would like to keep the dust out.

Need more tips on packing some of your other stuff? We’ve got your back! Check out our FAQ section!

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