how to get ready for your child’s graduation

Graduation can be a very crazy time. You’ve been watching your child grow each year but probably thought this was a long and far off. From Preschool all the way to their senior year of college, time has probably felt like it has flown by. Your child is getting ready for their next chapter, but they aren’t the only ones who need to get ready…

Here are three things parents can do to get ready for a child’s graduation:

#1 Emotionally prepare:  By now, you should be used to you and your child living separate lives. Yet, you may still struggle seeing your child grow.  It is a bittersweet feeling – a pride mixed with your natural desire to protect them from the unknown.The best way to ready yourself for this adventure in your child’s life is to emotionally prepare. You have done your jobs as nurturers, and now your child is officially a full-fledged adult. You have emotionally and financially prepared them for the unwritten chapter ahead, and now it is time for you to watch their story unfold.

#2 Announce the event:  This is your way of letting the world know just how proud you are of your child. Sending announcement letters to your friends and family will also ensure your students graduation won’t soon be forgotten. Graduation is a celebratory event and announcing the date marks the festivities to come.

#3 Plan a party: The party doesn’t have to stop when the commencement ceremony begins. Perhaps planning a party will help channel the emotions you feel towards this milestone in your child’s life. Put your pride into decorating and watch them walk the stage to collect their coveted degree knowing that more celebrations are on the horizon.

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